Explore the marine diversity of the Var

A fascinating dive into Mediterranean flora and fauna

Mediterranean biodiversity: an ecological treasure trove

The Mediterranean Sea, although representing less than 1% of the oceans' surface area, is home to remarkable biodiversity, with over 10,000 known marine species. Surprisingly, it is home to nearly 6% of the planet's marine species. Of these species, around 60% originate from the Atlantic Ocean, while 5% come from the Red Sea, and the rest are endemic to the Mediterranean. You can admire the Mediterranean flora and fauna from over 20 diving spots at Nethuns Diving in Saint-Mandrier.

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An extraordinary adaptation

Every marine species in the Mediterranean has developed unique habits and adaptations to thrive in its environment. Some prefer to stay close to the coast, hiding in rocky crevices or under the sand, while others prefer the abyssal depths, the surface to benefit from sunlight or the safety of posidonia meadows. This diversity of adaptations creates a complex and fascinating ecosystem where interactions between marine species are of great importance. Unfortunately, climate change, overfishing, pressure from tourism and the development of macro and micro plastic waste are all threats to marine biodiversity and habitats.

The underwater splendor of the Var: a festival of color and serenity

The clarity and quality of the Var's bathing waters invite you to immerse yourself in a dazzling underwater world of vibrant colors and tranquility. This limpidity is due to the filtering power of posidonia, which plays a major ecological role, essential for the development of life. It is necessary for animal reproduction and development: it is in these dense meadows that many juveniles grow up. Numerous adult animals also take refuge and hunt here (sea urchin, writing serran, common girelle, seahorse, scorpion fish, etc.). As you explore the Mediterranean seabed of the Var, you'll discover a breathtaking spectacle where coral, cuttlefish, octopus, sars, sea bream and moray eels mingle to form a living symphony of shapes and hues. Nearly 600 species of fish, some 20 species of marine mammals
marine mammals
sharks and as many species of molluscs, crustaceans and marine flora.
marine flora
and marine flora.

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The Côte d'Azur: an array of marine life

The Côte d'Azur, which stretches along the Var coast, offers exceptional marine diversity. The Mediterranean is the world's second richest source of endemic species. During your explorations, you'll be amazed by the presence of marine predators such as groupers, moray eels and conger eels, which evolve in harmony with the schools of red mullet that populate the Var's dive sites. But you'll also be able to admire cuttlefish, curious octopus, sea urchins, glowing coral and sea bream, all emblematic species of the Var, testifying to the richness of the marine fauna along these shores. If you're lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of dolphins, sharks or cetaceans.

Diving in the waters of the Var region, you’ll discover a unique marine ecosystem, testifying to the diversity and beauty of Mediterranean flora and fauna. Take the time to explore and preserve these precious natural treasures for future generations.